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I offer a wide variety of top quality services to fit your needs. I will help you determine the best services for your needs and deliver the kind of quality and value you expect from a professional skin care center. Our location is designed to make your experience enjoyable and leave you feeling inspired! 

Deluxe Facial
your skin will be cleansed, an enzyme will be used for exfoliating under steam, a hand and arm massage .  Extractions will be followed with a facial and decollete massage and a mask for your skin type. 
$120 for 60 minutes
Back Facial
A Specialized treatment for the back in need of deep cleansing. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, massage and a mask

$65 for 45 minutes

Removes facial hair and exfoliates skin

Dermaplaning removes the outer most layers of dead skin cells leaving the skin immediately smooth, soft and supple.


During a dermaplaning facial the skin will be double cleansed and a skin analysis will be performed. After dermaplaning, a fruit enzyme will be applied under steam. Next extractions will be preformed if necessary. Then you will enjoy an incredible décolleté and facial massage which includes warm stones. Following the massage a mask will be chosen for you depending on your skin type. Finishing products will the the ending to your relaxing and antiaging skin service. 

$135 for 75 minutes
Microneedling improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun damaged skin and much more
Microneedling is a controlled wound underneath the skin's surface, inducing the body to respond by producing collagen and elastin. The skin plumps in response to the stimulus, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, stretch marks and improves the skins texture.
1 for $299
4 for $899
6 for $1199
Chemical Peel
Ormedic Lift
A papaya, pineapple, pumpkin, mango and polypeptide blend infused with ingredients designed for medical effectiveness will rebalance tired, stressed and dull-looking skin. This non-chemical peel naturally balances, regenerates, restores and soothes your skin.

Signature Facelift
INDICATIONS Rosacea, Dry/Dehydrated, All Skin Types
This revolutionary 4-layer facelift will truly change the image of your skin. Vitamin C, glycolic acid and gentle but highly active enzymes speed up cellular turnover and brighten, tighten, and lighten your skin in just one treatment. 

Wrinkle Lift
INDICATIONS All levels of aging skin –Pigmentation disorders
An ultra-resurfacing glycolic and retinol treatment that exfoliates dead surface skin cells, leaving skin firmer and healthier. Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Perfection Lift Peel
INDICATIONS Aging, Acne, and Moderate to Severe Pigmentation (PRETREATMENT IS REQUIRED)
A blend of salicylic acid, resorcinol and lactic acid in combination with powerful antioxidants, correcting peptides and plant-derived stem cells
for maximum effective skin resurfacing. 

02 Lift
This luxurious treatment infuses oxygen, plant-derived stem cells and high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into the skin leaving it luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated. 

EB Super Peel

Layers of dead skin cells are exfoliated in a safe and controlled way and are replaced with skin that is more supple, elastic, and firmer with a smoother texture and stable moisture balance. It is especially beneficial for: 

  • superficial facial lining, wrinkles around the eyes, blemishes, acne scarring
  • dryness, sensitivity or oiliness
  • pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and course skin
  • hyperpigmentation, superficial freckles 
  • sun damage and poor quality skin 


Your first appointment will be at the spa for 2 1/2 hours. The second day you will be there just over an hour. You will need to bring a hat and a scarf for your drive home and you must wear this at all times during the next week if you are out in the sun for even a very limited time..

PRP Microneedling
Microneedling therapy is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedure that involves the use of a device that contains fine needles. The needles are used to puncture the skin to create a controlled skin injury. Each puncture creates a channel that trigger the body to fill the microscopic wounds by producing new collagen and elastin. There is improvement in skin texture and firmness as well as reduction in scars, fine lines and wrinkles, pore size and stretch marks. 
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Microneedling

PRP Microneedling is microneedling using the stem cells and human growth hormones from the clients blood. 

When PRP is placed back into the skin by microneedling, it initiates a localized stem cell response. Over the weeks and months following treatment, this stem cell response recruits collagen-producing cells called fibroblasts. The fibroblast replace tissue that has been damaged or lost through the aging process with healthy skin that looks refreshed and rejuvenated. The healing properties of the blood components in PRP can be used as a cosmetic treatment for the following:

  • Reducing fine line and wrinkles
  • Tightening and toning skin
  • Brightening uneven skin
  • Mild collagen and volume loss
  • Crow's feet and dark under eye circles
  • Large pores/rough texture
  • Acne scarring
  • stretch marks

*Contact our office for a consultation


Sculplla is perfect for those wanting to fill out and plump skin without needles. Sculplla is a serum plus mask treatment which provides long term effects with no downtime, bruising or puffiness. The results are cumulative. One treatments lasts approximately 5 weeks. It is suggested to have 3 treatments (one a week for three consecutive weeks) and then the results last approximately 6 months. 

There is no downtime after treatment, but you do need to avoid water, sweat and excessive exercise for 12 hours after treatment. 


 Scullpla is perfect for those wanting to fill out and plump skin without needles. Scullpla is a serum plus mask treatment which provides long term effects with no down time, bruising, or puffiness. The photos shown is after just one application and the results will last approximately 5 weeks.

 The results are cumulative with 1 treatment lasting 5 weeks and results from a series of 3 done a week apart lasts up to 5 months. 

 There is no downtime after treatments but clients are advised to avoid water, sweat, and excessive exercise post treatment.

$195 - One Treatment

$550 - Three Treatments

Appointment Policies:
Please call (713)823-1849 or email aboutfacebytanya@gmail.com to schedule an appointment.

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