Cryo T-Shock Treatment

Cryo T-Shock treatment is the most innovative and versatile anti-aging device on the market to eliminate localized fat, reduce cellulite, and tone and tighten the skin. Our clients coming to us more and more instead of other popular fat-cell freezing treatments for several reasons...

  • Significantly less painful
  • Happier with the results
  • Faster treatment time
  • More precise to target trouble areas

Our clients rave about their experience with us. Contact us to see why many of them have made the switch to Cryo T-Shock and never looked back!

We love that we have never had a client who had only one treatment. With the results our clients see we don't blame them. Text or call 713-823-1849 or email to learn more about Cryo T-Shock and to schedule your visit!

More Information

Is Cryo T-Shock safe? Yes, it is safe. It is a non-invasive treatment of adipose tissue to induce lipolysis – the breaking down of fat cells – to reduce body fat without damage to other tissues. It is a special developed technique where warm and cold are used and applied directly to the client’s skin.

Where can I do the treatment? Stomach, love handles, under arms, arms, bra-line, glutes, double chin, inner or outer thighs, legs, stomach, face.


Slim and Body Toning

  • Single Session: $350
  • 3 Sessions: $975 ($325/session)
  • 5 Sessions: $1500
  • 10 Sessions: $2750

Facial Toning

  • Single Session: $250
  • 5 Sessions: $995 ($199/session)
  • 10 Sessions: $1500 ($150/session)

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